Task Team

A SOLAS task team has the responsibility of conducting research surrounding specific scientific themes that were set out by the Scientific Steering Committee.

Asian Dust and Ocean EcoSystems (ADOES)

The goal of ADOES is to quantitatively understand the deposition flux and bioavailability of Asian dust, and its impact on biogeochemical processes and ocean ecosystem in order to provide scientific bases for the mechanism of eolian dust-ocean ecosystem-radiative gases-climate change.

The main activities of the task team fall under the following categories:

  • Physical and chemical variations of dust aerosol during its downwind transportation
  • Transport path and layer of dust and its deposition flux to northern Pacific Oceans
  • Impacts of dust on biogeochemistry and ocean ecosystem

The co-chairs are Huiwang Gao (Ocean University of China, China), Guangyu Shi (Chinese Academy of Sciences, China) and Mitsuo Uematsu (University of Tokyo, Japan).

Materials available:

- last update February 2017-