Call for nominations for the iCACGP Paul Crutzen Award for early career scientists 2018.

Nomination Procedure Here:

A complete nomination packages must be e-mailed in one e-mail to the two following e-mail addresses:; under the subject heading: ‘Nomination for the iCACGP Paul J. Crutzen Award 2018’

The nomination package should include:

-       a nomination letter (max one page).  

-       at least two endorsement letters (and not more than four) describing the impact and innovation of the paper and the exceptional achievements of the candidate (max one page each), the letters must clearly state the affiliation, address and scientific qualifications of the nominator.

-       one page of scientific achievements of the candidate in which the key paper(s) of the candidate are cited,

-       a brief curriculum vitae of the candidate (max two pages),

-       a full publication list marking the papers for which the candidate is corresponding author and those that are without his/her degree advisor.

-       an electronic copy of one or more key scientific paper(s) in pdf format.

To be eligible, the nomination must be complete and legible. Self-nominations will not be considered.

Nominated candidates are expected to be attendees at next scientific meeting of iCACGP, which for 2018 will be the 14th iCACGP QS / 15th IGAC SC, which takes place from the 25th to 29th September 2018 in Takamatsu, Kagawa, Japan (

Candidates, who have previously won the Paul J. Crutzen Award for Early Career Scientists, are no longer eligible to be nominated. The Award Committee may decline to give the Award if none of the nominations submitted is of a sufficiently high scientific standard.

The deadline for submission of the full package of nominations is the 10 June 2018.  The decision will be announced by mid-July 2018. 

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